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Al Ibanah isnt from Abul hasan al Ashari

The Ash'aris

Written by Abu Bilal al-Maliki, ‚faqir‘ and Muhammad Fahmi

We often hear from the Wahhabis and their admirers the claim that Imam Abu al-Hasan al-Ash’ari (d.324h) went through three phases in his life:

1) 40 years as a Mu’tazalite,

2) a period where he followed the rational approach of a major theologian of Ahl al-Sunna,Abdullah b. Sa’id b. Kullab (d.240h) [fn 1] – who they falsely accuse not to be a Sunni – and

3) a final period whereupon he abandoned Ibn Kullab and returned to the doctrine of the salaf and Ahl al-Sunna and is meant to have written the book Al-Ibanah ‚An Usul al-Diyanah (The Clear Statement on the Fundamental Elements of the Faith).[fn 2]

The Ash’aris of today are, therefore, according to their logic not upon the path that Imam Abu al-Hasan tread in his final stage and  they, therefore, falsely ascribe themselves…

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