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What is Shirk ?

The Ash'aris

Idolatry [shirk], like disbelief [kufr], is a covering up of the obvious truth.

There is „major idolatry,“ which expels a man from his faith, and „minor idolatry“ (instances of which include ostentation and some sins), which does not.

It is therefore appropriate to quote what one of correct doctrine says about idolatry. Its kinds – may God protect us! – are six:

1. Autonomous idolatry [shirk istiqlal]. This is to affirm the existence of two autonomous dieties, as is the case with the Zoroastrians.

2. Separative idolatry [shirk tab’id]. An instance of this is the Christians who say that God is one of three, the other two being Jesus and his mother.

3. Approximative idolatry [shirk taqrib]. This is to worship other than God with the purpose of drawing nearer to Him through them. Such was the belief of the early Arabs who worshipped stones, saying, „We…

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