Allaama Ahmad bin Muhammad Tahtaawi rahmatullah alaihi (passed away 1231 A.H.) was a famous Hanafi scholar and the teacher of Allaama Shaami rahmatullah alaihi and had compiled the marginal notes of Durrul Mukhtaar in four volumes. In the discussion stating that a precondition for the lawfulness of meat is that the animal is slaughtered by a Muslim, he writes in his marginal notes, “O assembly of Mu’mineen! It is necessary that you follow the group of Muslims who will attain salvation and they are called the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah. The help, protection and inspiration from Allaah lie in conforming with this group and opposing them will attract only divine wrath and indifference. In today’s times, this group has unanimously taken to following the four Madhaahib, which are the Hanafi, Maaliki, Shaafi’ee and Hanbali Madhaahib. Any person who is estranged from these four Madhaahib in these times is amongst the misguided ones and destined for Jahannam.”

Mufti Azeezur Rahmaan Uthmaani (R.A)said :“Since the beliefs of this group conflict with the majority of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah, then it is evident that they are misguided. It is therefore necessary to exercise caution when performing salaah behind them, marrying them and eating what they have slaughtered, just as caution would be exercised when it concerns the Rawaafidh and Khawaarij. This is on account of their errant beliefs concerning Tajseem and Tahleel, marrying more than four wives at a time, hiding the truth and speaking ill of the pious predecessors.”

Wohlgemerkt beides Deobandi Ahnaf Gelehrte ,Frage :Ya Muslimeen, achtet Ihr das Maslak der Deobandiyya. Warum befolgt Ihr dann ihrem Weg nicht?


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